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Hotel Borgo Di Campagna - loiri porto san paolo - Italie

Hotel Borgo Di Campagna


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Sardaigne - - Olbia-Tempio - - The Borgo di Campagna Hotel offers a relaxing stay in the Sardinian countryside near Olbia not far from the enchanting beaches and the natural beauties of the island. The Borgo di Campagna hotel, reserved for few guests, essential characteristic in order to guarantee privacy and peace, offers guest rooms furnished in the typical Sardinian style, excellent cuisine, ample outdoor spaces and the opportunity to practice sporting activities and trekking. An outdoor swimming pool, garden, golf course, mountain bikes and tour guides are available, as well as a small meeting room for up to 30 persons. At the reception surfers will find all information to know how and where to find the most windy beaches of the coast. Pets are welcome in the hotel.

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