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Nordfjord Hotel Nordfjordeid


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Featuring comfortable accommodation supported with modern facilities, the Nordfjord Hotel welcomes travellers to enjoy a memorable stay in Nordfjordeid.

The Nordfjord Hotel is located in the central part of Nordfjord and is a popular rendezvous point for hosting your business meetings and conferences. The hotel is a perfect starting point for tours around the district. You can see everything from the most western point of Norway, West cape, several glaciers, magnificent fjords with spectacular mountains and beautiful churches.

The hotel features spacious and modern style guest rooms that are beautifully decorated to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Nordfjord Hotel wants to be far ahead when it comes to the food served at the restaurant. This restaurant can seat up to 120 guests and offers exciting meals to satisfy the discerning palate. Located in the lobby, the Malakoff Bar offers a nice selection of cappuccino and espresso from newly grinded coffee beans. This bar is also a place to meet for travellers in the afternoon, for a snack before dinner or a cognac after dinner.

Guests travelling on official matters can make use of the conference facilities provided the hotel. After a long day of work or hiking, you can sit back and relax in a warm sauna.


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