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Environs de Treviso - Environs de Treviso - Treviso - - Stay at Magiufra!The holiday farm is surrounded by nature and it is an area where animals such as hares and pheasants breed. They seem to have found their habitat in the holiday farm?s vineyard and they live here as tame animals. You can take advantage of the sports equipment and the swimming pool during the summer. Moreover it is possible to go for a walk or to jog near the holiday farm.If you stay for a long period, there is the possibility to participate to cultural trips and take advantage of the cycle tracks at Montello which is very near to the holiday farm. Magiufra is not far from Treviso and quite near to Castelfranco Veneto, to Montebelluna, to Possagno where it is possible to admire the sanctuary planned by Canova. The holiday farm is near to the beautiful city of Asolo and also to Bassano del Grappa which is famous for its history, its monuments and there you can see the beautiful Palladian bridge. At Magiufra you will find a friendly atmosphere, but your privacy will always be respected.The low number of guests and the variety of possibilities of accomodation make Magiufra a characteristic and unique holiday farm.Our proposals include the overnight stay and breakfast.The owner is always at guest?s disposal to suggest some typical restaurants where our guests can have good meals, or to organize work meetings.


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