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Environs de Florence - Environs de Florence - Florence - - If you are an artist, or an interior designer, hobbyist and want some inspiration, a week here alone is all you will need for some ideas to pursue on your arrival back in the states. In Poggio alla Pieve, everything is interesting - the floors, walls, furnishings, ceilings, arches, decorations- all of it. The owner is a veterinarian by trade, but it quickly became apparent that she is an artist by passion. With Pieve she has turned these passions into one of the most unusual and fascinating renovations. Pieve is the canvas and her palette are sponge colors, old earthen tiles, marble, antiques and rather daring modern touches. It is a work of art that nearly transcends description! The group of buildings consists of a 13th century farmhouse divided into four apartments with a furnished outdoor area, next to both a private and communal entrance is a medieval tower, divided into two luxury apartments, each with its own private outdoor area. Near the swimming pool, there is a small, independent studio party hidden among the olive trees with a private garden and barbeque. The apartments are completely restored and furnished with antiques. Most apartments are equipped with satellite television, air conditioning and a jacuzzi. There is a swimming pool on the property.In our farmhouse you can buy typical product, have tasting, dinner, cooking class, wine tasting tour and organize your event. We are waiting for you!

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